Europe’s saviour and forgotten France’s hero- how will the country proceed?

Emmanuel Macron opened up his French Presidency with an act that further disillusioned the 33.1% of people who voted for Marine Le Pen; he walked over to The Louvre to ‘Ode to joy’, the European Union’s anthem. It was a move that divided the country after Macron promised to unite it. It was a move that cannot … More Europe’s saviour and forgotten France’s hero- how will the country proceed?


Just when it seemed as though normality was returning to British politics, Theresa May backtracked on her promise to not call a snap election in momentous fashion. When May called for announcement at 11:15am on 18th April, no one really knew what she was going to say; news reporters were scrambling around like headless chickens … More SNAP!

Vive le revolution!

Eastern Paris, France, 14th July 1789: the French citizens of Paris, an angry mob at this point due to a severe shortage of bread, craved change. In the streets, next to the towering state prison of Bastille- a medieval fortress that dominated the surrounding area with eight 30 metre tall towers- the people protested. To the Parisian citizens, Bastille was a … More Vive le revolution!

Trumping Globalisation

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory, I expressed my concerns over his economic policies. His economic plan, above all else, is his most far fetched idea. During his campaign trail, Trump visited the Rust Belt. The Rust Belt is an area in the North-Eastern quarter of the US, including places such as Western New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, … More Trumping Globalisation

2016: the year of shock, division and change

2016 has provided us with a whirlwind of a year in terms of politics. To kick it all off in February, David Cameron announced that there would be a referendum on Britain’s EU membership. Then in June, Brexit actually happened (- I smiled as I wrote that line). David Cameron then offered his shock resignation, with Theresa May … More 2016: the year of shock, division and change